My Verdict’s Ten Year Anniversary

Dear Friends,alarian.scholarly 2.jpg
Today, December 6, 2015, marks the ten year anniversary of the jury’s verdict in my six-month trial. It was an emotional and blessed day in the life of Al-Arian family and the families of my co-defendants, Sameeh Hammoudeh, Hatem Fariz, and Ghassan Ballut. [That day was captured in the documentary USA vs. Al-Arian from (min. 65 to 75). [Links: here or here]. Special thanks go to the Norwegian production team, Line Halverson, Jan Dalchow, and Tone Andersen for having the courage, foresight, and talent to make this documentary.] On this day my family and I offer our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to the Almighty God for His mercy, grace, and continued blessings, as well as for sustaining our faith and providing us with great friends and supporters. Today we also pray for all the victims of the government’s witch-hunts and oppressive measure. Let’s remember that there are hundreds of innocent victims today in U.S. prisons (see my recent reflections) who along with their struggling families are still suffering and awaiting justice. Read More–>>

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