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From the blog of Attorney Jonathan Turley

June 27, 2014



It is with a great sense of relief and thankfulness that I can now report that all charges have been dropped against my client Dr. Sami Al-Arian. Minutes ago, United States District Judge Anthony J. Trenga signed the order dismissing the indictment against Dr. Al-Arian. The case was before Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, but it was Judge Trenga who signed the order on Friday afternoon.

I have represented Dr. Al-Arian for roughly eight years as we fought for his deportation and the dismissal of these charges. We have litigated the case from the 11th Circuit to the 4th Circuit to the Supreme Court and back again. It has been a long and difficult road for the Al-Arian family.




June 27, 2014

We are glad that the government has finally decided to drop the charges against Sami Al-Arian. It has been a long and difficult 11 years for our family in what has ultimately been shown to be a political case. We are relieved that this ordeal finally appears to be at an end. We hope that today’s events bring to a conclusion the government’s pursuit of Dr. Al-Arian and that he can finally be able to resume his life with his family in freedom.

We are so grateful to our brilliant attorney, Jonathan Turley and his legal team for their tireless efforts and advocacy on our behalf. Thank you to all of our supporters around the country and across the globe, who have stood behind us throughout the years.


Eleventh Commemoration of the Political Persecution of Professor Sami Al-Arian

Dr. Al-Arian still Awaiting Dismissal of Unjust Case

Washington, DC - February 20, 2014

On this day elevenen years ago Dr. Sami Al-Arian was snatched from his family and community by the U.S. authorities in a pre-dawn raid that the professor described in a poem. Thus, today marks the beginning of continuation of more than a decade of the incessant persecution of a voice of conscience for freedom in Palestine, and equal justice for all in America.

Read More -->>>


Silencing Palestinian Americans

Mother Jones

By: Victoria Brittain

June 10, 2013

alarian.scholarly 2.jpg

Just as the Bush administration found the Geneva Conventions "quaint" and ignored them, so the principle of "innocent until proven guilty," a part of Western civilization since Roman times, has all but disappeared for Muslims who face accusations of "material support" for terrorism. Such cases have, at times, involved high-profile men and once received significant media attention. Civil rights activist and University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, accused of being a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (a State Department-designated terrorist organization), was, for instance, treated like a man already being punished for his crime even before his trial. Previously, he had been a respected American-Muslim political leader with contacts in the White House and in Congress. Now, walking to pre-trial meetings with his lawyers, his arms were shackled behind him, so that, humiliatingly, he had to carry his legal papers on his back. Read More>>>


The Al-Arian Verdict's Seventh Anniversary

December 6 should Be Celebrated as "First Amendment Day"

Washington - Dec. 6, 2012


December 6, 2005 shall be remembered as a great day in which justice triumphed over intolerance and the First Amendment reigned supreme. On that day, a jury of twelve ordinary citizens refused to return a single guilty verdict against Dr. Sami Al-Arian and three other Palestinian men accused of terrorism in one of the most high profile cases to emerge out of the highly charged atmosphere after 9/11. Read More >>>


When Your Father Is Accused of Terrorism by Laila Al-Arian

The Nation.

For a while, the phone stopped ringing. Not completely—reporters called, but many old friends did not. That’s how my mother remembers the days following my father’s arrest on terrorism charges in February 2003. At dawn, a team of FBI agents and police, clad in black uniforms, descended on my family’s three-bedroom apartment in Tampa, Florida. They arrested my father and carted away dozens of boxes filled with our personal possessions, from school report cards to laptop computers and journals.

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Never Ending Prosecution and Vendetta: The Kafkaesque Story of Sami Al-Arian by William Fisher

May 29, 2012

In aal-arian.jpg nationwide press conference in 2003, George W. Bush’s attorney general, the born-again John Ashcroft, trumpeted the arrest of Dr. Sami al-Arian, who he described as “the most dangerous man in the world.”

All that was nine years ago. Nine years. And, in one form or another, Dr. al-Arian has pretty much been incarcerated ever since. Read More -->>


Personalizing civil liberties abuses: The Case of Dr. Al-Arian

By Glenn Greenwald - April 16, 2012

alarian.mosque.jpgDr. Sami Al-Arian, a Palestinian whose ongoing persecution by the U.S. Government is one of the most repellent and unjust of any in the post-9/11 era. I can’t begin to convey all or even most of the extreme injustices that have been imposed on him. Read More -->>


Political Persecution, American Style: A film review



It is with gratitude that I mention that Line Halvorsen, a filmmaker from Norway, chose to make the outstanding documentary "USA vs. Al-Arian," (2007) chronicling a short period in the life of a family that has been suffering what is nothing less than American political persecution right in our suburbs for over a decade. On the one hand, this is the story of America seeking to keep itself secure. On the other hand, it is the story of the impact these sometimes questionable efforts have on a family.



Call for Justice for Dr. Al-Arian in Tahrir Square


13052011003 - copy - copy - copy.jpg


May 13, 2011


More photos


USA vs Al-Arian Now Available on the Web Free

The illuminating award-winning documentary chronicles the story of Dr. Al-Arian and his family during and after his Florida trial. Now it is available on the world wide web free. Click: USA vs Al-Arian

New on YouTube

Watch on"The Al-Arian Trial: An Inside Look by A Juror"


John Sugg: Emerson, The Tampa Tribune and the Al-Arian Case


November 2, 2010

Why won’t the Tampa Trib tell you what people in Nashville know about Steve Emerson?

verdict.jpgSteven Emerson, a self-styled terrorism expert, in tandem with his vassal reporter at the Tampa Trib, Michael Fechter, waged a decade-long jihad against a professor at the University of South Florida, Sami Al-Arian. Emerson and Fechter were backed by a shadowy network of former federal agents and foreign spooks, notably a disinformation specialist for Israel’s ultra-right Likud party named Yigal Carmon and a controversial ex-FBI official named Oliver "Buck" Revell – and a lot of money whose origins have never been revealed. Read More>>>

The Ultimate Test of Democracy: The Right to Dissent


Global Forum on Freedom of Expression, Oslo, Norway, June 5, 2009

Keynote Address by Dr. Sami Al-Arian

Peace and Justice Foundation Rally, Washington DC, July 3, 2009

Statement by Ali Al-Arian (Video Link)



"USA vs Al-Arian" DVD - Special 2009 Edition OUT NOW!

The special edition of "USA vs Al-Arian" is distributed by Kudos Family, and is now available
on in NTSC and PAL. The new DVD is available with English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Arabic subtitles, and includes 1h 52 min with bonus material.

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BONUS MATERIAL: Commentary by director Line Halvorsen, Leena Al-Arian, Abdullah Al-Arian and producer Jan Dalchow - USA vs Al-Arian, short version (52 min) - Featurette: What happened after the sentencing (2006-2009) - Interview: Sami Al-Arian, Orient Road Jail, Feb 2006 - Short: Look For Me – The Children of Gaza (dir. Tone Andersen) - Interview with Laila Al-Arian, Democracy Now! September 2008.

More info


The Contrast between AIPAC Spy Case and Dr. Al-Arian's


By JAMES G. ABOUREZK------May 4, 2009

slide11.jpgThere is apparently a difference between a Palestinian patriot and Americans spying for Israel.  One group has a powerful lobby in Washington, and the other has nothing........

Read more: The Contrast between AIPAC Spy Case and Dr. Al-Arian's


Dr. Al-Arian mourns his friend and former attorney William B. Moffitt

Northern Virginia- samibill.jpgApril 24, 2009

For over three years during my difficult ordeal with the US government between 2003 and 2006, I was placed in solitary confinement, having no contact visits with anyone except my attorneys, Bill Moffitt and Linda Moreno.

At the end of my first meeting with Bill in the spring of 2003, after my arrest, he hugged me and said: “this is how we greet each other, brother.” He was indeed not only my attorney, but also my trusted friend and brother.

Bill Moffitt passed away this afternoon after suffering a massive stroke. He was indeed one of the best legal minds and defense attorneys this country had ever produced. His sharp intellect and passion for justice were unmatched.

Read More >> Dr. Al-Arian mourns Bill Moffitt ____

CounterPunch Link:>> Mourning Bill Moffitt

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New on YouTube:USA vs Al-Arian Slideshow & Singing for Liberty

Clich Here >> USA vs Al-Arian Slideshow and "Singing for Liberty"


Judge says integrity of Justice Department at issue in Al-Arian case

St. Petersburg Times
April 23, 2009
Meg Laughlin


Link: Click here

On Friday, a U.S. Circuit Court judge in Virginia will either dismiss the criminal contempt case against former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian or set a trial date.

If the judge's comments in court are any indication of how she's leaning, Al-Arian's business with the U.S. government is about to end and he will be one step closer to being deported to Egypt.

Judge Leonie Brinkema has called the case against Al-Arian "troubling" and under "a very significant cloud" because of prosecutors' failure to produce evidence from Al-Arian's 2006 plea deal negotiations that could show whether he is innocent of criminal contempt.

Read More >> Judge says integrity of Justice Department at issue


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Trailer: USA vs Al-Arian

Video & Audio Releases

-Interview of Dr. Al-Arian in Anti-war Rally

Interview in anti-Iraq war rally in Washington, DC, Oct. 26, 2002

- Coalition Building Seminar by Dr. Al-Arian

Coalition Building Seminar for activists in Oct. 2002, in Ann Arbor, MI

-Democracy Now Exclusive Interview of Dr. Al-Arian

Democracy Now Exclusive and First Broaadcast Interview with Dr. Al-Arian since his 2003 arrest, February 7, 2007 -------------Click Video or Audio Stream

- Statement by Dr. Al-Arian's Daughter during Hungerstrike

Statement by Laila Al-Arian during hungerstrike, April 15,  2008

- Malcolm X Center Press Conference On Dr. Al-Arian

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Malcolm X daughter, Civil Rights Leaders and Activists, NY, April 15,  2008

-Democracy Now Coverage of Dr. Al-Arian's Release

Democracy Now: Sami Al-Arian is released, Sept. 3, 2008

-Peace and Justice Foundation Rally for Justice

Statement by Ali Al-Arian, July 3, 2009

- Poem by Dr. Al-Arian: Innocent

- Singing for Liberty (Song and Slideshow)

- A Heart Full of Peace (Song about Dr. Al-Arian)

- Just Me, A Hit Song by the Band: Outlandish

-Link TV: USA vs Al-Arian

Documents & Releases

Statement of Chairs of American Muslim Task-Force on Civil Rights and Elections  (AMT) and  Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Howard Zinn Statement on Professor Al-Arian



March 2000

December 2005alarian.jpg

January 2009

To be patriotic is to be able to question government policy in times of crisis.
To be patriotic is to stand up for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in times of uncertainty and insecurity.
To be patriotic is to  speak up against the powerful in defense of the weak and the voiceless.
To be patriotic is to be willing to pay the price to preserve our freedoms, dignity, and rights.
To be patriotic is to
challenge the abuses of the PATRIOT Act.
From a speech by Dr. Al-Arian


UFF Summary: Al-Arian and USF


Announcement of Book: The Al-Arian Reader

A new compilation of all relevant articles to be released soon by the National Liberty Fund

Selected Poems
by Sami Al-Arian

We Shall Rise

To Maya Angelou
Like the dream of the slave
You rise
And with the scream of the brave
I shall rise
In honoring the memory of your ancestors
You rise
With my stateless brothers and sisters
I shall rise
Like dust in the sunlight
You rise
And as ashes in a fiery night
I shall rise
You offend
Because of your existence
And I
For my resistance
You upset them
Recalling their past
And I
By holding steadfast
They may trod you in dirt
May cause me all the hurt
Inflict upon you excruciating pain
While they shut me up and detain
But they won't see you broken
Neither would my faith be forsaken
As you've never bowed your head
And never lowered your eyes
I'll continue to raise my fist
And hide my mother's cries
They may shoot you with their words
Cut me up with their swords
They may insult you with their eyes
Denigrate me with their lies
Trying to kill you with their hate
Bury me alive to seal my fate
But they'd certainly
Be shamed and fail
As the free chant and sing
On their march to prevail
So keep your head held high
As I follow you and try
And keep your beautiful smile
As I walk my first mile
They'll pressure and blame
Throw us in prison to control and tame
They'll exile and defame
Lynch us all or shoot and maim
Burn crosses with no shame
Target our children in a dirty game
But why is that a surprise?
Despite their evil and terror
Their falsehood and lies
You shall rise
And I shall rise
You're the black ocean
Leaping and wide
I'm the Mediterranean
With a stormy tide
Staying together
Side by side
It's no surprise
We shall rise
Surely shall rise
We together shall rise
No Longer Afraid
For us to feel "secure"
What price is being paid?
If living in freedom
Why are we afraid?
Fear is everywhere
All around
Perhaps irrational
But without any bound
You can see it on our faces
Sense it in our eyes
You can hear it in our whispers
Feel it in our cries
More>>No Longer Afraid
The Bird and The Vulture
The bird was chirping
In a house on a tree
But the vulture was angry
Because it was free
When the bird is singing
The vulture ain't safe
More>>The Bird and The Vulture
The Smile of Freedom
He looked like
A body-builder
Tall, tough, and full
All muscles and no fat
His mind was simple
Suited to follow orders
No questions asked
Acting mean and mechanical
Like any bureaucrat
More>>The Smile ...
In the Name of Freedom
In the name of freedom
We shall rule the world
To spread democracy
And set you free
In the name of freedom
We’ll descend on you
To make you civilized
Modern and orderly
More>>In the Name ...
The Accused: Franz Kafka Meets George Orwell in 21st Century America
Act I: The Mother of all Evidence
Act II- Weapons of Mass Deception
Act III: Silencing of the Lambs
Act IV: Attacks of the Wolves
Act V: Occupied Territory
Act VI: Police State
Act VII: Official Obituary
Act VIII: A Close Encounter of the Scariest Kind
Act IX: The Inquisition
Act X- Conspiracy Theory
Act XI- Secret Trials
Act XII- Silent Pain and Teary Eyes
Act XIII- True Patriot Acts
Do Not Sign
Rights are not for sale
History is not kind
On those who sell their people out,
Betray their cause,
Surrender their land
To tow the line
Do not sign
More>>Do Not Sign
Rachel Corrie: Daughter of Palestine
The most gentle
Amongst all honorable
Had a spirit
As dazzling as
The garden of
More>>Daughter of Palestine
Ole Jerusalem
O Ole Jerusalem
I feel your pain
I hear your cries
The light thunder
In the darkness
And the heavy rain
I see the steady bleeding
Of your wound
With its mark and stain
More>>Ole Jerusalem
Patrick Henry
A revolutionary
At heart
A patriot
From the start
Loved by his country
To the core
Defended freedom
Even more
Hated arrogance
In shape and tone
Fought tyranny
With every bone
He was the conscience
Of his people
Striking fear in the enemy
And made it feeble
More>> Patrick Henry
An overwhelming feeling
Of bitterness
Of hatred and rage
Trapped in a cage
Disappointment and anger
Continuing to linger
Wounding of dignity
Violating your virginity
More>> Injustice
Political Riddles
He sees the world as black and white
His solution to every quandary is fight with might
The economy will not stimulate
Because he can’t articulate
While jobs are gone
He says, “bring ‘em on.”
Who is he?
He likes to be called the General
The head of an agency that’s federal
If you spit on the sidewalk
He’ll send the Incredible Hulk
He hates to cite truth or fact
Because he’s busy promoting his unpatriotic act
He frequents TV cameras with a smash
The first part of his last name sounds like trash
Who is he?
He is the ideal dutiful poodle they say
From an empire where the sun did not set one day
He adores his cowboy friend and considers him a fan
And insists: I’m nobody’s yes-man
When the cowboy says no, I say no
Who is he?
More>>Political Riddles